International Adoption LifeBook

International Adoption LifeBook
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Our International Adoption book has pages geared just to you. LifeSTORY Lifebooks has now what we feel is the perfect foster and adopt lifebook. Not a photo album, not a journal of information but the Life Story of a very special child. The information and special memories serve as a way to answer many of the questions about these children's past. This lifebook will truly be the keepsake of a lifetime. We at LifeSTORY Lifebooks have a goal to help make it easier for busy foster / adoptive parents to be able to still keep the journey of their child's past and future as simple as possible. Our book also has pages for the children to fill in which they can express their fears, goals, feelings in a way unlike any other lifebooks we have ever seen. We offer many options, we offer personalized covers with your babies name and picture printed directly on the cover. We can add your babies, weight, medical info, ANYTHING you can think of directly on the page. WHAT A PROFESSIONAL LOOK! What a GREAT present for friends and family who have babies! All you do is send us the info in an e-mail and for any picture or image you can also attach it to an email.

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